When I was deeply involved in technology and company acquisitions at Novell, I learned the hard way how difficult it is to merge disparate corporate cultures.

Money usually only helps a little.

Company after company acquired by Novell disappeared from the planet. Often times with disastrous results. It was only on occasion that an acquisition yielded any measurable benefit.

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Then I heard the welcome surprise, Miguel announced the formation of Xamarin. Unlike the bumbling headless Attachmate strategy, he nails a clearly articulated plan and vision for Xamarin.

“We believe strongly in splitting the presentation layer from the business logic in your application and supporting both your backend needs with C# on the server, the client or mobile devices and giving you the tools to use .NET languages in every desktop and mobile client.”


I am so happy to see the Mono team emerge from 8 years of suppression and fighting for an incredibly visionary cause with no support, marketing budget or corporate sponsorship.

Well done Miguel. Breath easy, the worst part is over.

Novell is dead, but—thank the Gods of good code—the mono project lives on.