Credential theft is the most popular way cyber criminals use to access corporate environments, but real power comes from compromising privileged credentials, which is why Privileged Access Management (PAM) is one of the most important areas of risk management and security for any organization.

In fact, PAM is becoming increasingly important because changing business practices such as the adoption of cloud computing and other aspects of digital transformation, the users of privileged accounts have become more numerous and widespread than ever before.

Privileged access is highly sought after by cyber criminals because that is what enables them to move laterally within corporate networks, establish persistence, and gain access to the most sensitive corporate data in servers, databases, and other high-value systems. It is no surprise, therefore, that nearly all damaging cyber-attacks involve privileged account compromise.

Locking down privilege access is clearly necessary and is recommended by top industry analysts and industry leaders, but it is challenging to do at scale, especially because most modern IT environments include a mix of on-prem, cloud, and hybrid applications, and the fact that privileged access is no longer just for IT administrators who need access to the IT infrastructure.

In addition to administrators, there is a growing number of business users who need privileged access to IT and business data and privileged users are also no longer confined to human actors, but can now also include non-human actors such as applications, processes, machines, and devices.

Due to the complexity of the challenge, PAM solutions are essential tools in helping organizations to address this problem to ensure that they are applying the principle of least privileged consistently and effectively to those individual and entities that have the most powerful access rights.

With the attack surface expanding and the number of attacks increasing every year, an integrated and more comprehensive PAM solution is required – one that can automatically detect unusual behavior and initiate automated mitigations.

— Paul Fisher, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole.

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Topic Overview

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Tech Investment

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