Human Factor in Cybersecurity

Data leakage is mainly due to industrial espionage, hacktivism, disgruntled employees, problems in processes, and human error. Considering that most industrial espionage and other cyber attacks use social engineering in some form to gain entry to target IT systems, it is clear that despite increasing levels of automation, the human factor continues to be an important element to consider in securing critical data and defending against a broad range of cyber-attacks.

The human factor in cybersecurity was a key theme at this year’s KuppingerCole Analysts’ Cybersecurity Leadership Summit, which featured presentations on a wide range of related topics, including the reasons people get hacked, the need to transform employees from being cyber risks into cyber defenders, how to address the security risks associated with employees, and how to ensure you have the people with the right skills to defend your organization from cyber-attack.

We can’t lose sight of human error because it...

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