OneLogin is among the leading vendors in the overall, product, innovation and market leadership ratings in KuppingerCole’s latest Leadership Compass Report on IDaaS Access Management, but is aiming to move even further up the ranks.

In a media and analyst briefing, OneLogin representatives talked through key and recent product features and capabilities in an ongoing effort improve the completeness of products.

Innovation is a key capability in IT market segments, and unsurprisingly this is an important area for OneLogin.

The most recent innovations include Vigilance AI, the new artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) risk engine, and SmartFactor Authentication, a context-aware authentication methodology to help organizations move beyond text-based passwords.

Both these capabilities are in line with the trend towards using AI in the context of Identity and Access Management (IAM)  and are aimed at supporting OneLogin’s mission to enable enterprises to move beyond password-based authentication and improve their overall cyber defense capabilities in the light of the massive uptick in cyber attacks targeting credentials, including brute force and breach replay attacks.

OneLogin’s Vigilance AI is designed to use AI and ML to ingests and analyze data from a multiple of third-party sources to identify anomalies and communicate risk across OneLogin services.

Vigilance AI also applies User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) capabilities to build a profile of typical user behavior to identify anomalies in real-time to improve threat defense.

Other recent product innovations include:

  • Adaptive login flows functionality that uses Vigilance AI to restructure authentication flow automatically based on risk to include Multifactor Authentication (MFA) where appropriate;
  • Compromised credential check functionality to prevents users from using credentials that have been breached and posted on the dark web; and
  • Risk-aware access and adaptive deny functionality to block access to systems and applications when extreme risk is detected.

In these ways, OneLogin is striving to address its leadership challenges by increasing the range of authentication factors, increasing collaboration with third-party threat intelligence services, working towards providing support for IoT, and planning to enable more complex reporting capabilities.

The use of AI in the identity solutions market is likely to increase, with a growing number of vendors incorporating AI-driven capabilities such as OneLogin, SailPoint with its AI-driven Predictive Identity cloud identity platform, and others.

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