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Really! Stop Your Employees Using Smart Phones!

Why Not Just Switch off every piece of electric device and live in a cave.  I am on the record on several occasions for coming out in support of the UK government’s cyber initiatives including the Ten Steps to Cyber Security (Ten Steps) and their more recent Cyber Essentials.So, I was a bit surprised when a business owner asked if he should backtrack on his recent “smart phone for all” bonus for his employees. When I asked him why he mentioned an article he had just read in the Telegraph, titled “Spooks tell business: Consider stripping staff of smart phones...


Just say it! User Experience Trumps Security!

I was about to file The Register’s mobile security article into my “just another article on mobiles and security” when I noticed what I believe to be a half-witted quote. So, in context. The Register published an article titled “ Banks defend integrity of passcode-less TouchID login ”. The banks and the quote in question are from the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest. What’s the half-witted quote then? I will address the first two statements for this blog piece. We do everything we can to make banking secure for our customers and...


So, Is the Perimeter Dead?

Yes and No! The traditional perimeter as we have known it, is dead. I repeat. The traditional model of “protect the castle walls and everything inside will be secure” is dead. To be honest, this model has been dying a slow death since the development of the laptop computer. The dawn of the smart devices (often also referred to as BYOD or BYOX) has only but accelerated the demise of the long held castle perimeter paradigm. Let me explain why I believe this is so with a real life scenario I see repeated in organisations across the world. Organisation ABC is a large...


Know Your Enemy

At a recent seminar I was asked a question on how and where do we begin preparing for a cyber attack. Another individual who interrupted my answer insisted that controls was the way to go. He said something that sounded like “I got all my 20 controls under control, implemented and monitored. I am fine." Although I partially agree with the answer that controls are important and must be implemented correctly. Oh, they also must be monitored regularly. However, I am of the opinion that the better way to begin the journey of setting up an effective cyber security posture is to begin...


Is it going to be an Altostratus then?

Is that going to be Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus or how about we go for the Altostratus? To some the names may sound completely strange and weird but all of the above are names of the types of clouds that "roam" planet earth. So, you may be wondering if this is an article on IT Clouds or a meteorological white paper arguing a new name for something that is in all essences just water. It’s the former. I am writing about the IT Cloud and the topic I am discussing is something very close to my heart. You see a pet peeve of mine is the often lack of decision logic when it comes to...


Will there be a corporate IT anymore in these days of Cloud Computing?

A brief answer to the question, is Corporate IT dead? Yes and No. Please hear me out. IT has been hit by three main evolutions over the last two decades. The Mobile evolution, the social evolution and the newest of all, the Cloud evolution. The cloud computing evolution continues to have the most interesting and revolutionary impact on the IT Function. Until recently for some organisations, and still very much a reality in many organisations, the primary objective of the corporate IT department/function has been to deliver value by managing the whole IT supply chain. That, dear...

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