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Ingo Arnold

Head of IT Dept.


Ingo Arnold is Lead Enterprise Architect at Novartis – Global Infrastructure Services. Within this context Ingo plans and conceptually shapes system- as well as platform-architectures in a broad variety of different domains, one of which is Security/IAM. Beyond his platform-level mandate, Ingo is also engaged with the design and implementation of architecture-management and -governance processes as well as with connecting these to the overarching governance frameworks that exist at Novartis.

Besides his role at Novartis, Ingo co-authored books about Software-Architecture and gives lectures in Software Life-Cycle Management, Software Design Patterns, and Software Architecture at the University of Basel, Switzerland, as well as at the University of Cooperative Education in Lörrach, Germany.


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European Identity Conference 2011

May 11, 2011
Business Case Study
Security and IAM from an Enterprise Architecture Perspective