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Login Alliance is a German network of partners dedicated to Identity and Access Management. Our focus is on IAM consulting for B2B and B2C applications, Keycloak implementation and custom software development. Since 2016, we offer the state of the art CIAM solution Login-Master to provide our customers with everything they need to run their applications in the cloud. The flexible solution includes full GDPR compliance and adaptable modules to meet individual requirements. We give our customers the freedom to concentrate on their core business.

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Jan 26, 2021 Webinar

The Evolution of Access Control

The purpose of an identity management system is to support access control to an organization’s sensitive systems and protected resources. Contemporary access control has progressed from static entitlements, still used in many organisations. Not only manual interventions are necessary to change roles, also provisioning, reconciliation, recertification and auditing are laborious tasks, which complicate each business process.