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LSEC is about becoming a Leader in Information Security! LSEC is an internationally renowned Information security cluster, a Belgian not for profit organization that has the objective to promote Information Security and the expertise in Flanders, Belgium and abroad. With a broad membership base of 80 Information Security specialized companies, and more than 1000 individual Information Security Professionals, we frequently access over 10.000 Information Security specialists in Belgium and abroad on a regular basis. LSEC brings together the electronic identity expertise from eID, authentication systems and privacy technology research on a frequent basis. LSEC is a partner in MOBCOM, the Flemish Mobile Identity Project. For more information, please visit :

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May 10 ‑ May 13, 2011 Congress

European Identity Conference 2011

With its world class list of speakers, a unique mix of best practices presentations, panel discussions, thought leadership statements and analyst views, EIC has become an absolute must-attend event for enterprise IT leaders from all over Europe.

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A Iot to Venture, More to GAIN

A Iot to Venture, More to GAIN
Matthias Reinwarth

As social beings, people interact with their environment, whether as citizens of a state, as employees of a company or as contractual partners (customers, insured persons) with a company in the private sector. Even if a large number of such transactions can take place anonymously (coffee to go on the way to the office in the morning does not require identification), proof of identity or the reliable assurance of a particular characteristic ("of legal age," "fully vaccinated") is often [...]

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