Who is Responsible for Operational Technology Security?
We recommend that all organizations that have Operational Technology (OT) consolidate the security functions and management under the enterprise CISO. Though most organizations with OT are not aligned that way today, we predict that by 2025 more than 60% will have more centralized security control over both types of environments.
Security for Operational Technology Environments
Learn now about the similar and unique threats facing operational technology (OT) compared to traditional enterprise IT systems.
PCI-DSS 4.0 launched
The Payment Card Industry (PCI) Standards Council has published a major update to the Data Security Standard (DSS), version 4.0. This version is an improvement over the current version, 3.2.1, which came out in 2018.
SentinelOne Acquires Attivo Networks: A Big Leap Forward to Security With Identity
SentinelOne has announced that they will acquire Attivo Networks, a leading Distributed Deception Platform (DDP) and Identity Threat Detection & Response (ITDR) solution provider. This is a good move for SentinelOne, which is a leading Endpoint Protection Detection & Response (EPDR) vendor.
Has Your Organization Rolled Out MFA Yet?
Have you entered a password somewhere today? Do you wonder why you’re still having to do that? Did entering that password give you a feeling of digital safety? Did it make your consumer experience more enjoyable?
What is XDR?
Dark Side Ransomware Attacks
Why Enterprises Are Choosing SOAR for SOCs
Symphony Technology Group (STG) Acquires McAfee Enterprise Business
Okta & Auth0
The Non-Zero Elements of Zero Trust
Attack Surface Reduction and XDR
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