Open Wallet Foundation Meet-Up
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OpenWallet Deepdive

Tuesday, May 09, 2023 08:30—12:30
Location: B 05

08:30-09:00 Introduction

Daniel Goldscheider, OpenWallet Foundation

09:00-09:30 Academic Credentials

Harm Jan Arendshorst (iLabs)
Klaas Wierenga, GEANT
Niels Van Dijk (Surf)
Rachelle Sellung, Fraunhofer
Scott David, University of Washington

09:30-10:00 Financial Credentials

Marie Austenaa, Visa
Darrell Geusz, Ping
Juliana Cafik, OIDF/Microsoft
Liv Freihow, BankID
Dima Postnikov, Australia Payments Plus
Olaf Grewe, NAB
Denny Prvu, RBC

10:00-10:30 Government IDs & driver’s licenses

Andre Kudra, esatus
Andrew Hughes, Ping Identity
Andrew Tobin, Gen Digital
Daniel Gasteiger, Procivis
Oliver Terbu, SpruceID
Dirk Backofen, Deutsche Telekom

10:30-11:00 Travel & Health credentials

Annet Steenbergen, Gov of Aruba
Ricky Thiermann, Spherity
Daniel Bachenheimer, Accenture 
Louise Cole, IATA
Tess Rutgers, Valuetrack

11:00-11:30 Standards and Frameworks

Adam Cooper, ID4D
Daniel Bachenheimer, Accenture
Daniel Fett, Authlete Inc.
Judith Fleenor, Trust Over IP
Nick Mothershaw, OIX
Torsten Lodderstedt, OpenWallet Foundation

11:30-12:00 Access & Digital Assets

Andre Kudra, esatus
Fabian Bormann, Cardano Foundation
Fraser Edwards, Cheqd
Katryna Dow, Meeco
Lasse Andresen, Indykite
Alastair Johnson,

12:00-12:30 Outlook

Daniel Goldscheider, OpenWallet Foundation
Drummond Reed, Gen Digital
Daniel Bachenheimer, Accenture
Don Thibeau, OIDF
Dirk Backofen, Deutsche Telekom
Marie Austenaa, Visa

Lasse Andresen
Lasse Andresen
A powerhouse of creativity and enthusiasm, Lasse is a perpetual entrepreneur, transforming ideas into thriving, disruptive businesses. In his most recent startup venture, Lasse is founder and CEO...
Harm Jan Arendshorst
Harm Jan Arendshorst
iLabs Technologies
Digital Transformation, Digital Identity & IoT Security / Privacy & Trustworthy AI Specialist with more than 25 years experience in building trustworthy and inclusive digital ecosystems...
Marie Austenaa
Marie Austenaa
Visa Europe
Marie Austenaa, Head of Digital Identity at Visa Europe and Board Chair of the Open Wallet Foundation at the Linux Foundation, is a highly experienced speaker and expert in digital identity and...
Daniel Bachenheimer
Daniel Bachenheimer
Daniel Bachenheimer, an Electrical Engineer by training, is Accenture’s Digital Identity Innovations technical lead and has been designing and delivering solutions for various clients for...
Dirk Backofen
Dirk Backofen
T-Systems International GmbH
Dirk Backofen is the Tribe Lead Digital Identities of T-Systems International GmbH. In this role Dirk is accountable for a new Business Unit including all technologies like SSI, eID, Smart eID and...
Fabian Bormann
Fabian Bormann
Cardano Foundation
Fabian Bormann is a blockchain enthusiast and open-source advocate, currently serving as Team Lead for "Ecosystem Architecture and Engineering" at the Cardano Foundation. With a strong background...
Juliana Cafik
Juliana Cafik
Juliana shows 27+ years of Architecting & Implementing Solutions & Products for Financial Services to enable non-repudiation, security and compliance including PCI DSS, EMV, KYC, NFC,...
Louise Cole
Louise Cole
International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Louise Cole is the Head Customer Experience and Facilitation for the International Air Transport Association (IATA). In this role, Louise has responsibility for the IATA Passenger Facilitation...


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