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Wednesday, September 15, 2021 17:00—18:00

Decentralized Identity: What's Been Happening and Why it Matters

Decentralized Identity is seeing a proliferation of activity -- so much that even experts struggle to make sense of it all. Even the names of the emerging specs have gotten wacky (or, technically, WACI...)

This extremely practical talk will discuss key developments, emerging themes, and illustrate concrete examples of interesting decentralized identity use cases. To bring it all home, we will discuss when Verifiable Credentials are coming to a digital wallet near you!

Kim Hamilton Duffy
Kim Hamilton Duffy
Centre Consortium
Kim is Director of Identity and Standards at Centre Consortium. Kim is an expert and leader in the emerging decentralized identity space, driving standards and implementations through direct...

Self-Issued OP and OpenID Connect for SSI (OIDC4SSI)

One crucial component to SSI is end-users being able to interact with verifiers directly, without relying on a third-party provider or having to operate their own hosted infrastructure.

Extensions to OpenID Connect will get us there. End-users can now operate OpenID Providers that they control, use DIDs to prove control over the subject identifier, receive Verifiable Credentials and present Verifiable Presentations - all using the family of "OpenID Connect for SSI" specifications.

Kristina Yasuda
Kristina Yasuda
Kristina is an Identity Standards Architect at Microsoft, known for her work on standards in decentralized identity ecosystem: as an editor of OpenID for Verifiable Credentials specifications in...

DIDComm and the Self-Sovereign Internet

DIDComm is the messaging protocol implemented in Hyperledger Aries that provides utility for DID-based relationships. Many may think DIDComm is just a way to exchange credentials, but it's more than that. DIDComm is a protocol layer capable of supporting specialized application protocols for any given workflow. Because of its general nature and inherent support for self-sovereign relationships, DIDComm provides a basis for a self-sovereign internet, a secure internet overlay, that is much more private, enabling, and flexible than the one we've built using Web 2.0 technologies. This talk introduces Autonomic Identity Architectures, describes DIDComm, discusses its protocological nature, and presents use cases in the Internet of Things. 

Dr. Phil Windley
Dr. Phil Windley
Brigham Young University
Phil Windley is an Enterprise Architect in the Office of the CIO at Brigham Young University. A passionate tech educator, he is chair of the Sovrin Foundation, the co-founder and organizer of the...


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