Neeme Vool: Implementing IAM in the Enterprise: 3 Takeaway Gems from Engineer

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IAM implementations are not all same, but for sure there is not as many implementations as there are situations.I have selected 3 major factors which defined our IAM project. Of course, final result was a consequence of lot more things.

And yes, we succeeded to implement full Identity lifecycle in the enterprise where starting point is a complex matrix of requirements like multiple legal entities, multiple contracts, kinds of work relationships, several account directories, manual processes.

Just name any situation, we had it. We were on the edge of failure and almost ready to add yet another failed IAM project to the list. But we made it and if I had to do it yet again in another place, in another situation, I would take these 3 with me.


-Correct data is vital for every IT project, IAM is not special. But where to exactly look in the IAM project? Which issues with the data are toxic?

-The analysis of the system drives implementation architecture and design. Thereby the steering must be correct.

-And finally, how to bring it out in the enterprise scale if you cannot do big bang but same time you cannot left anybody behind?

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