Moving Towards a Privacy First World
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Moving Towards a Privacy First World

Combined Session
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 15:30—16:30

How Denmark is Building the Cyberprotection Bridge Between the Private and Public Sectors: The National Danish Cybersecurity Council

Denmark is among the most digitaized countries in the world and as the digitarization strategy moves forward, it is necessary to improve and enhance the nation's overall cyberprotection. In 2019, the Government appointed a new 20-member national Cybersecurity Council for the period of two years. The council’s role is to advise the government on new initiatives that can support both the private and public sectors by improving resillience and better cyberprotection; contribute to knowledge sharing, advisories and guidance on the strategic level; and look into the need for cyber security competences and suggest measures to further develop these, both among private citizens and employees, as well as within education and research.

In this session, you will get a view into the midway status of the work of the Council, and will learn which initiatives work and which need more effort. The Council has been advising the healthcare authorities on the Danish COVID-19 app, and has been discussing the SolarWinds hack and the upcoming vaccination passport.

Bjarke Alling
Bjarke Alling
National Danish Cybersecurity Council
Group Director of Liga, Member of the National Danish Cybersecurity Council and Chair of the IT Security Committee at The Danish IT Industry Association. Years of experience with Enterprise IT...

Digital Identity in Germany

Explore the:

- Landscape of digital identity in Germany
- Success factors
- Future Outlook

Roland Adrian
Roland Adrian
Verimi GmbH
Roland Adrian (50) is Managing Director and CEO of Verimi GmbH in Berlin, a multi-joint venture of 26 shareholders from the German business community. Verimi develops and operates the Verimi ID...

ADI Association: Bringing Accountability to Digital Identity

The Accountable Digital Identity (ADI) Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing an open framework for digital identity that focuses on accountability, privacy, and interoperability. The Association is a global coalition of private and public organizations spanning finance, government, healthcare, and technology parties.

Ramesh Kesanupalli, co-founder of ADI Association, will discuss the existing problems with digital identity and the principles and architecture guiding the Association. He will share how the new ADI open standard can help organizations mitigate identity fraud and improve compliance while protecting the privacy of the individual.

Ramesh Kesanupalli
Ramesh Kesanupalli
ADI Association
Ramesh Kesanupalli is currently the CEO of Digital Trust Networks, based in Santa Clara, California.  Mr. Kesanupalli is also the co-founder of ADI Association, a non-profit industry...


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