Wiesbaden, November 24, 2022 – Data is said to be the new “gold”, creating value to enterprises in the Digital Age. However, without knowing where data resides, data utilization will fail. The fact that companies can have data “everywhere” not only increases the amount of data, but also the number of places where that data is kept. More databases of different types in different deployment models and in multiple clouds are the new normality.

While the focus has been data utilization by business intelligence and analytics, governance and security are equally relevant, building the foundation for successful data utilization. These include on one hand database security and big data security, providing, e.g., encryption capabilities or protection against specific types of attacks such as SQL injection. On the other hand, there is the field of Data Governance, which focuses on managing and restricting entitlements for accessing data, and on controlling access to data, and also maps to Data Privacy. 

Data Catalogs and Metadata Management deliver the foundation for both a better utilization of data and a better protection and governance of data. These technologies see a significant increase in adoption but are still far from widespread use. KuppingerCole Analysts predicts that this market segment will continue to grow, reaching 2.21 bn US dollars by 2025. The CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is projected to be 15.2%. North America and EMEA will remain the most important markets, with North America being significantly ahead in adoption, compared to Europe. This provides the potential for stronger growth, with European customers catching up in their adoption of Data Catalogs and Metadata Management solutions.  

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