25 useful indicators to lower IT risks

The analyst group Kuppinger Cole has presented a new report dealing with Key Risk Indicators (KRI), that is data measuring the risk in businesses. KRIs help businesses recognise and address risks. Risk management is becoming more and more important at all company levels, especially in hard times.

The report focuses on KRIs in the areas of IAM (Identity and Access Management) and GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance). These areas take on special importance. Scandals like the one hounding the Société Générale or information leaks such as the theft of data at Telekom and other enterprises only represent the tip of IT risks and are related to inadequate management of access authorisations and their control.

In the report Kuppinger Cole identifies and describes the top 25 KRIs in these areas, which can be easily determined and summarised in a balanced score card. Each one of these indicators correlates with IT risks and operational risks.

"Today, risk management is a must for any business. Many of the current problems in the economy have been caused by a blatant failure of risk management", so Martin Kuppinger, founder and senior partner of Kuppinger Cole. "One has to take a pragmatic approach and start with small, concrete steps." The report explains how IAM- and GRC-KRIs interact with risk management at the company level.

"It is also important for businesses to understand that IT risks and operational risks are directly related to each other. An artificial partition doesn´t make sense; we need an integrated risk management", Martin Kuppinger goes on to say. For this the report provides specific starting points - helping businesses to address the especially critical challenges in access management and data protection.

Other new Kuppinger Cole reports

In addition to the "Business Report: Key Risk/Performance Indicators IAM and GRC", Kuppinger Cole has presented a number of other reports over the past weeks:

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Further reports regarding trends, manufacturers and products in the markets analysed by Kuppinger Cole will follow in the coming weeks.

A free press copy is provided on request. We ask you to send us a copy for our files in case of publications referring to the report.

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