Strategies for the right step towards "Cloud Computing"

The analyst company Kuppinger Cole will hold the Cloud 09 conference from November 24 - 26 in Munich. The leading conference on Cloud Computing in Europe will combine Thought Leadership and Best Practices.

Similar to the concept of the European Identity Conference (EIC), which has become the leading conference on IAM and GRC, Cloud 09 will also be marked by a mix of Best Practice presentations, panel discussions with industry experts and information on new research and analyses by the specialists of Kuppinger Cole. And like the EIC, Cloud 09 will also have an exhibition area where manufacturers, experts and users can meet.

"Cloud Computing is the next great paradigm shift in the IT-sector. Its implications can be compared with such groundbreaking events as the introduction of the PC or the triumphal success of the Internet", so Martin Kuppinger, Kuppinger Cole´s founder and senior analyst. "It will fundamentally change the way businesses use IT-services. Today, IT-strategies must be brought in line with this change." Kuppinger Cole has been dealing with the impact of Cloud Computing in all its facets for quite some time and has published the Cloud Computing Market Report 2009, among other things. Further reports on trends, manufacturers and Cloud Computing solutions will follow in the course of the year.

"Today it´s a matter of gaining clarity regarding the trends, manufacturing and implementation strategies for Cloud Computing", Martin Kuppinger goes on to say. "That´s why there is a need for a central conference on the subject that is not limited to individual facets like hosting. And Cloud 09 will be that conference."


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