Wiesbaden, May 16, 2019 – Last night, KuppingerCole Analysts AG presented the winners of the European Identity & Cloud Awards at the peak of the 13th European Identity & Cloud Conference. For the 12th consecutive year, the company honored outstanding identity management and security projects and initiatives as part of the flagship event.

Numerous intriguing projects were nominated within the last year. The jury, consisting of KuppingerCole analysts, has carefully chosen the winners from among the most outstanding applications and solutions in the areas of IAM, CIAM, IoT, GRC, and IT Security.  

The award in the category Best Enterprise IAM Project went to BP and their IAM team for managing to drive the necessary business value by identifying and delivering on the company’s digital business initiatives. BP achieved and, in some cases, exceeded the objectives of their enterprise IAM program.

Telia took the lead in the category Best Consumer Identity Project for the Telia Identification Broker Service. Designed to handle millions of user accounts and hundreds of millions of transactions per month, the service architecture adheres well to the KuppingerCole identity broker model.

The Best IoT/OT Security Project came from Rabobank for creating a technology that combines smartphones and ID cards to enable instant and truly ubiquitous verification of government-issued identity documents.

Allianz was honored with the award for the Best Consumer Authentication Project for the development of a central identity API platform. This platform unifies and consolidates authentication processes of web users and mobile clients based on open standards.

Evernym was awarded for the Best Blockchain ID in Self Sovereign Identity Project for enabling online trust and privacy between people, organizations and things based on technology, cryptography and processes.

The award in the category Best Identity Platform Project went to The Economist for creating a one-click login across its online platform which helps prevent identity theft and meet the regulatory requirements, such as GDPR, while improving the end user experience.

The Finnish Transport and Communications Agency Traficom won the award for the Best Blockchain ID in Consumer Identity Project for the MyData Wallet which enables human-centric and consent-based data transfers to accelerate both data and AI-oriented growth.

The Best Future Technology / Standard Project was dedicated to W3C’s WebAuthn and FIDO Alliance’s FIDO 2.0 standard for being the most important standard update these days. While FIDO 2.0 is a very important further development, WebAuthn is currently the most recognized standard associated with it.

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