Beyond Usernames and Passwords: 3 Steps to Modern Authentication

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Thursday, November 10, 2016 TIME: 4:00pm CET, 10:00am EST, 7:00am PST
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Beyond Usernames and Passwords: 3 Steps to Modern Authentication

There are three simple steps for moving to modern, more secure authentication. Make it convenient. Make it smart. Make it mobile.

This webinar will explain how establishing modern authentication is not a rocket science. It is a matter of choosing the right approach and the right tools. It is about Adaptive Authentication.

Adaptive Authentication tailors to what the users want (convenience) and prefer to use (mobile) – all the while adapting appropriately to access risk (smart), by balancing authentication strength with risk information. Today, we find both stand-alone solutions for Adaptive Authentication and integrated solutions, e.g. as part of Web Access Management and Federation tools.

In this KuppingerCole webinar, you will learn about

  • The three steps for moving to a modern, more secure authentication
  • Adaptive Authentication explained
  • The challenges and pitfalls of Adaptive Authentication
  • How to do it in practice: Moving towards Adaptive Authentication

In the first part, Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, will dive into the details of Adaptive Authentication - What makes authentication adaptive? How can you enable it in your existing infrastructure, based on existing or new tools? He also will look at the broader consumer world and the role Adaptive Authentication plays therein.

In the second part, Brian Mulligan, IBM Offering Manager for Access Management and Directory, will share IBM’s point of view, latest offerings, and projections in the authentication space.


Brian Mulligan leads offering management for IBM Security’s access and directory products. In this role, Brian works in conjunction with the development, sales, marketing and support organizations to build and market innovative user-centric access security solutions. Previously, Brian...

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