Secure Mobile Information Sharing: addressing enterprise mobility challenges in an open, connected business

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Tuesday, December 16, 2014 TIME: 4:00pm CET, 10:00am EST, 7:00am PST
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Fuelled by the exponentially growing number of mobile devices, as well as by increasing adoption of cloud services, demand for various technologies that enable sharing information securely within organizations, as well as across their boundaries, has significantly surged. This demand is no longer driven by IT; on the contrary, organizations are actively looking for solutions for their business needs.

Among those business needs one can find the following:

  • Agile mobile workforces need constant access to corporate resources from any place, at any time, on any device type;
  • New business models demand new ways to collaborate with partners, external users and even customers. Securing these information exchanges is critical for organizations to stay competitive;
  • Fear of industrial espionage, as well as growing pressure from hackers increases the demand for solutions that can secure data at rest and in motion, at each link of the communication chain;
  • Last but not least, regulatory compliance is a stronger than ever driver for every organization, especially in highly regulated verticals such as finance, life sciences or military R&D industries.

Although the market for such solutions has been rapidly growing in the recent years, it is obvious that there is no single solution that fits every organization’s demands and requirements. Vendors are pursuing various approaches to secure information sharing and offering products and services for various deployment scenarios, verticals, scales and so on. To choose a solution that fits both your business needs and your budget is not an easy task. To validate that this solution fits your industry’s security and compliance regulations is even more difficult.

In the first part of this webinar, Martin Kuppinger, founder and principal analyst of KuppingerCole will present an overview of the current SIS market, explaining advantages and disadvantages, as well as limits of applicability of various approaches.

In the second part, Sergey Orlik, managing director of MobilityLab, will describe in detail specific challenges that organizations with large mobile workforces are facing and present their own solution, which addresses these challenges in a secure, yet lean and efficient way.


Sergey Orlik has over 20 years of experience of working in IT.  Sergey studied physics in Moscow Engineering and Physics Institute. He worked at corporate IT (ROSNO), vendors (Borland, San, HP, Microsoft), consulting and integration (HP Enterprise Services). He has authored a large number...

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MobilityLab, LLC. was founded in 2011 with the one of the leading Russian information technology and system integration organizations, the  I.T. Group of companies (I.T.Co). MobilityLab is the independent software vendor focused on developing the next generation out-of-the-box enterprise mobility solution – MobileSputnik. MobilityLab has been a resident of the SKOLKOVO IT Cluster since 2012. MobilityLab leadership team members have average 20+ years of software development, technology, sales and management experience in leading international IT companies including Borland, HP and Microsoft.

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