How to Keep Entitlement Management Lean - in any Environment

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Tuesday, June 29, 2010 TIME: 17:00 CEST, 11am EDT
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This Webinar Includes a Best Practice Presentation from the City Administration of Lohja / Finland

How to gain more flexibility and efficiency in an environment where requirements change very fast, and where users and services cannot be classified any more as easy as being "internal" or "external". This Webinar is about key decision criteria for lean entitlement management and provisioning solutions.

The key to success in today's business environments is flexibility and efficiency. It is about providing solutions with Quick Wins which nevertheless are able to cope with changing requirements. One of the changes today is about externalization: External users and external services add to the internal IT environment. Others are goverrnance and compliance requirements which have to be quickly solved. Thus it is about finding the balance - the architecture has to be well aligned with strategic requirements, but still lean. Entitlement Management thus is changing, with an increasing number of options.

Martin Kuppinger will talk about the changes and new options in Entitlement Management and Provisioning and the key decision criteria to pick adequate solutions.

Christian Sundell from RM5 Software will then give a talk about his experiences on how to turn an IdM implementation quickly into business benefits, followed by Mikael Puusa from the IT department of the City Administration of Lohja/Finland, who will then describe, how his department deployed RM5 IdM in a very short timeframe and what his key learnings are from this implementation.

This Webinar is supported by RM 5 Software.


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