Access Governance: Implement Processes, Reduce Business Risks

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Thursday, April 15, 2010 TIME: 17:00-18:00 CET, 11am Eastern
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As the demand for user access increases, IT security organizations run the risk of not being able to meet the needs of the business for timely and compliant delivery of access. In this webinar, you will learn, how operational efficiencies in access administration can be achieved while enabling sustainable compliance with regulatory requirements.

Access Governance is one of the most important elements of Information Security strategies and implementations. The risk of abuse and loss of valuable information has severe operational impact and might even lead to strategic risks, from losing customers to de-stabilizing the entire business model due to the loss of trust by customers and other factors. Access Governance thus has to be understood as an approach with detective and preventive elements, trying to mitigate the risks and implement strong controls. That has to work across all systems – valuable information is not only in core business applications like SAP and not only in systems managed by Identity Provisioning solutions, but as well in many other systems. Thus, the concepts and processes have to span every relevant system and to cover any relevant information.

In this webcast, Martin Kuppinger of KuppingerCole will outline the big picture of Governance and drill down to Access Governance, focusing on the targets and elements of governance, from strategic alignment to formal policies. All initiatives require well- thought and defined processes, which have to implement policies and have to be in alignment with the strategic goals of the organization. He will talk about the relationship of information classification, policies, the multitude of systems, and the validity of access governance approaches to really mitigate the risks for information and the relating operational and strategic risks.

As organizational demand for user access has risen dramatically, applying the proper access policy controls across a multitude of fragmented information resources is a highly complex challenge for many IT security teams. Progressive organizations are adopting a new process for how access is requested, approved, fulfilled, validated, certified and remediated. Such an approach can overcome the complexity that the IT security team deals with, while simplifying access change management and compliance. Following Martin´s talk, Aveksa´s Founder, President and CTO Deepak Taneja will discuss how these organizations are achieving operational efficiencies in access administration while enabling sustainable compliance with regulatory requirements through an access change management control framework.

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Deepak Taneja is the Founder and CTO of Aveksa, a security compliance software company. Prior to founding Aveksa, he was CTO and VP of Engineering at Netegrity. In this role, he was instrumental in growing the company into the market leader in Identity and Access Management. Previously he...

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Aveksa was founded by a team of identity and access management pioneers, whose successful track records include Netegrity, Banyan Systems and PowerSoft. They recognized that businesses are struggling to achieve security governance across the enterprise, and are unable to efficiently or effectively manage the risk of inappropriate access to enterprise information resources.

From the time of our founding, we’ve focused on helping security teams and business managers collaborate on these objectives, through the automation of the many critical, yet manual tasks associated with access delivery, change management and compliance across the entire enterprise. We believe that in order to rapidly respond to business and regulatory demands, IT security organizations need an Enterprise Access Governance solution, to manage the complete lifecycle of user access to information resources through an automated, continuous process for access request, approval, fulfillment, review, certification and remediation.

We provide the industry's most comprehensive, enterprise-class, access governance and management solution, helping IT organizations reduce access management complexity and increase operational efficiency, while minimizing risk and ensuring sustainable compliance. Leading Global 2000 organizations in financial services, healthcare, retail, energy/utility, telecommunications, transportation and manufacturing rely on Aveksa to efficiently address access request, fulfillment and regulatory compliance demands.

Since 2006, when we released the first version of our product, we’ve been working hard to make our vision a reality. Our Enterprise Access Governance solutions are distinct in the following ways:

  • We make line-of-business managers key participants in access governance
  • We support ALL enterprise entitlements and roles; and enable role-based governance
  • We provide reports, certifications and analytics that are easily understood by business users
  • We enable and track entitlement changes
  • Our solutions are designed for fast deployment and massive scale
  • We embrace, complement and integrate with identity management and change management systems
  • Aveksa's growing customer base includes leading organizations in financial services, health care and manufacturing. Our customers tell us that “we get it.” We think you will too

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