Controlling the Impacts of Recession on IT Security

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Friday, April 03, 2009 TIME: 16:30 -17:00
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As the recession is severely hitting most industries, type and quality of security threats are changing quickly. In this webinar, Martin Kuppinger will describe these threats and their impact on Identity and Access Management, GRC, Privileged Account Management, Data Leakage Prevention, and Information Rights Management.

In a quick survey, Kuppinger Cole recently conducted, an impressively high number of security professionals stated, that they were facing a significantly increasing number of internal fraud attempts. It seems, that the number of people which are prepared to do illegal things is increasing in a way, that enterprises have to act. They have to act on Identity and Access Management, GRC, Privileged Account Management, Data Leakage Prevention, and Information Rights Management. And they have to act with a combined strategy which focuses on really closing the gaps – not only some of many doors.

PAM is a must in these days, given that privileged accounts impose the highest risks and most companies don’t really know who has access to some of these accounts. Information Rights Management has to become reality. And Data Leakage Prevention has to be performed in the context of the identities – approaches, on which companies like RSA are working in these days. It is time to act – especially in these days, because fear and uncertainty are perfect drivers for computer crime.

In this free webinar, Martin Kuppinger will give you some examples of these threats and propose how to best react on them. 

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