Co-founder & CTO, Inspirient

Dr. Guillaume Aimetti

Dr. Guillaume Aimetti received his B.Sc. with honors in Music Systems Engineering from the University of the West of England and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Sheffield in 2011. His doctorate research involved applying Machine Learning techniques to the problem of automatic speech recognition. After completing his doctorate in 2011, Dr. Aimetti worked as a software engineer at the startup RealityMine in Manchester, UK, developing ‘opt-in’ data collection solutions for analyzing consumer behavior on various mobile platforms.
In November 2012, Dr. Aimetti joined Deloitte as a management consultant advising multi-national companies on IT strategy and implementation, with a particular focus on cloud-based technologies offering analytics as a service. His last role at Deloitte as senior data scientist involved assisting a DAX 30 company develop their internal analytics capabilities, implementing a platform enabling agile big data analytics and developing their internal resources to be able to answer critical business questions through quantitative analysis independently.
Dr. Aimetti joined Inspirient as co-founder and CTO in October 2015 and leads the development of our automated data analytics platform.