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Dominick Baier Consultant & Architect


Dominick works as an associate consultant for the German company Thinktecture (http://www.thinktecture.com). His focus is identity & access control protocols and APIs and how to apply them to real world software projects. He started the popular IdentityModel, IdentityServer and AuthorizationServer open source projects (http://thinktecture.github.io) which are now used by many developers and companies around the world to implement OpenID Connect, OAuth2 and WS*. He blogs at http://www.leastprivilege.com and tweets as @leastprivilege.


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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

May 06, 2015
Standards & Protocols
The Security Stack for Modern Applications: OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.0
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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2015

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Mr. Levent Kara
+49 211 23707710
  • May 05 - 08, 2015 Munich, Germany

Key Topics

  • Assessing and Measuring the Impact of Digital Risk on your Business

  • Identity & Access Management as a Digital Business Enabler

  • Cloud Security, Privacy & Compliance

  • Managing Cyber Risk: Why Defence is not Enough

  • The Impact of the Internet of Things on your Business and Infrastructure

  • IT & OT: Catalyzing the Fusion of two Contrasting Cultures

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