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John Unsworth

Director - Security, Risk and Intelligence


John Unsworth is an experienced and charismatic speaker.
Throughout his career John has delivered key note presentations throughout the UK and internationally as a subject matter expert relating to the threats from Cyber and Economic Crime and best practices in relation to Cyber Security.
With a ‘tell it as it is’ style, John articulates complex subjects in an easy to understand manner using anecdotes and personal experiences gained through his extensive career, leaving audience members better informed on the subject matter and how it relates to them.
John specialises in delivering presentations and workshops relating to:
● The fundamentals of Cyber Security
○ Keeping yourself safe by doing simple things correctly
● Conducting your own Cyber Security Assessment
○ Knowing your risks and taking control of their management
● How to protect yourself and your business from Economic and Cyber Crime
○ Simple and pragmatic tips on how to stay safe online
● Identifying, assessing and managing risk
John has featured on national radio and television as a spokesperson relating to Cyber Security and Economic Crime, along with featuring in numerous national newspapers providing advice and guidance on how to protect yourself and your business from criminal threats.


Date Title

Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2018 Europe

Nov 13, 2018
Implementation & Decision Making
Panel - Operationalizing Threat Intelligence
Nov 13, 2018
Trends & Evolution
Contextualising Cyber Threat Intelligence
Nov 14, 2018
Your Path To Compliance
Protecting What Matters (and Knowing How Well You Are Doing It…..!)

Berlin, Germany


Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2018 Europe

Registration fee:
€1200.00 $1500.00 S$1920.00 13200.00 kr
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Contact person:

Mr. Levent Kara
+49 211 23707710
  • Nov 12 - 14, 2018 Berlin, Germany

Key Topics

  • The Future of Digital Business Security

  • Zero Trust: A New Way of Thinking

  • Future Proof Zero Trust Approach

  • User Behavior Analytics

  • Cloud Security

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • IoT and Industrial IoT: Risks and Concerns

  • Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Application Security, Agility & Development

  • Endpoint Management & Security

  • AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

  • Blockchain & Cybersecurity

  • Security as a Requirement for Governance & Privacy

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