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Dragan Pendic

Principal Director, Digital Security & Privacy Leadership


Dragan has over 25 years of consultancy and hands-on Technology, Software Development, Digital Security and Privacy experience in almost every sector imaginable.

Currently working at Accenture as a Principal Director, Digital Security & Privacy Lead for UK and Ireland responsible for driving strategic growth initiatives, transformative technology solutions and helping businesses achieve Operational Excellence. Prior to joining Accenture Dragan was a VP of Technology Consulting at Guardtime, a blockchain company where he led global organisations in the adoption of Blockchain and Innovative Technologies to support their Information Protection, Privacy and Business Resilience strategies. 

Find out more at http://dragan.strikingly.com


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Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2018 Europe

Nov 13, 2018
Path to Zero Trust Security
Path to Zero Trust Security - Data Veracity, When Truth Is Essential and Trust Optional
Panel - Risk Assessment and Security Design
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Nov 14, 2018
Security in the Modern Application World
Application Security - Achieving Security at Speed and Scale
Panel - Achieving Consistent Enterprise Security
Session Details
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Berlin, Germany


Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2018 Europe

Registration fee:
€1200.00 $1500.00 S$1920.00 13200.00 kr
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Contact person:

Mr. Levent Kara
+49 211 23707710
  • Nov 12 - 14, 2018 Berlin, Germany

Key Topics

  • The Future of Digital Business Security

  • Zero Trust: A New Way of Thinking

  • Future Proof Zero Trust Approach

  • User Behavior Analytics

  • Cloud Security

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • IoT and Industrial IoT: Risks and Concerns

  • Critical Infrastructure Security

  • Application Security, Agility & Development

  • Endpoint Management & Security

  • AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning

  • Blockchain & Cybersecurity

  • Security as a Requirement for Governance & Privacy

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