How to Manage Your Azure AD and Office 365: Get a Grip on Your Environment Even in the Cloud

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Tuesday, March 08, 2016 TIME: 3:00pm CET, 9:00am EDT
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Auditing, Reporting, Management, Automation and short comings of native tools

Regulatory compliance does not end at your perimeter. Moving to the Cloud will not get you rid of implementing Access Governance and a well thought-out reporting. Furthermore, moving to the Cloud might make administration more complex, not easier. Proven and established tools in your AD (Active Directory) environment don’t work anymore and, when ending up hybrid for the foreseeable period of time, you will have to manage both the on-premise and Cloud environments. Native tools specifically for the Cloud solutions won’t solve the challenge in hybrid environments. There are far too many limitations in their capabilities.

Achieving compliance and optimizing administration requires solutions that help you managing your environment consistently, with advanced functionalities – beyond native tools.

Topics of this KuppingerCole Webinar:

  • Reasons why hybrid AD will remain reality for most organizations
  • Governance and Management requirements for Azure AD, Office 365, and hybrid environments
  • Limitations of native tools – why you need more
  • Keeping full visibility and control over your own digital assets
  • How to easily perform data inventory and track user and administrator activities
  • Addressing different privacy laws in various countries

In the first part of this webinar, Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, will talk about general benefits of next-generation auditing, alerting, reporting and management solutions for analyzing user and administrator activities across various sources of unstructured data, thus building a potential foundation for a long-term unified compliance and auditing strategy.

In the second part, Charles McDonald, Vice President of Technology at Knowledge Vault, talks about the idea and development of a scalable, open architecture, completely cloud-based compliance platform for nearly all popular cloud services, resulting in a feature-rich, modular one-stop solution with quick interactive search possibilities, preconfigured reports and practically unlimited retention periods.


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Knowledge Vault is the next-generation analytics, reporting and optimization platform for cloud-based content. The Knowledge Vault analytics and governance platform enables organizations to embrace cloud-based messaging, email and file sharing services, while still maintaining granular control over the content by simplifying analytics, policy management and reporting.

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