Identity Management – in the Cloud and for the Cloud

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 TIME: 4pm CET, 10am ET, 3pm GMT
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How to best deploy Identity and Access Management today? There is an increasing number of opportunities, including hosted and cloud-based options. And there is an increasing number of services in the cloud which have to become integrated into the IAM ecosystem. Thus the question is: How to best deploy IAM to serve all requirements?

Martin Kuppinger will talk about the status of IAM in the cloud and for the cloud and will look at requirement lists as well for hosting IAM in the cloud and cloud-based IAM services as for being ready to support cloud services within an IAM environment. He will as well provide general rules for selecting cloud services (with specific respect to IAM) – the checklists with major points to ask the provider.
Hitachi ID CTO Idan Shoham will discuss various deployment patterns where identity management systems are either hosted in or manage applications in a cloud environment.  Business and technical considerations for various scenarios will be examined, leading to guidance about what to consider and what to avoid.


In his role as Chief Technology Officer, Idan Shoham is responsible for defining product and technology strategy and the overall development of Hitachi ID Systems solutions. Idan works closely with his talented team to ensure that the solutions that Hitachi ID Systems delivers to the market are...

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Hitachi ID delivers decades of experience and the industry's only single Identity, Privileged Access, Threat Detection and Password Management platform, the Hitachi ID Bravura Security Fabric. Building on more than twenty years of deep domain experience, Hitachi ID is positioned as an analyst-recognized leader, and is part of the global "One Hitachi portfolio. The Hitachi ID Bravura Security Fabric creates a centralized view to weave patterns of functionality an organization needs to protect against continual threats and cover all aspects of your identity and access security program. As you uncover new identity and access threats or your roadmap evolves, turn services on or off as without installing other products to improve IT security, support internal controls and regulatory compliance. 

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