The Rise of AI Is Revolutionizing Cyber-Attacks
Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a revolutionary force in several fields, transforming industries and increasing efficiency. Its impact, however, is not restricted to good applications. AI has also found its way into the hands of cyber attackers, allowing them to exploit weaknesses, launch targeted attacks, and evade traditional security measures more effectively. Certainly, AI can help attackers just as easily as it can help defenders.
The Triple Threat: AI Ethics, Bias, and Deepfakes in Cybersecurity
Artificial intelligence has radically transformed the field of cybersecurity. Although it is considered a game changer, the adoption of AI presents significant ethical challenges, bias, and the growing risk of deepfakes.
The IAM Market: What is driving growth in 2023?
Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an essential component of IT security today, enabling organizations to control access to their systems and data by managing user identities, access entitlements and authentication. The importance of IAM continues to grow as cyber threats continue to evolve an
Are Cyber Insurance Policies Necessary?
Cyber insurance offers protection against financial damage resulting from catastrophes involving computer networks, such as data breaches, network failures, and cyber-attacks. Cyber insurance policies are typically used to cover a wide variety of costs associated with cyber incidents, including reme
How to Find the Best IT Solution for Your Business
Finding the right cybersecurity solution for your business can be challenging. Find out how to uncover the right tool for your organization. 
Is It Possible to Recover After a Cyberattack?
Unfortunately, every organization is vulnerable to suffer a cyberattack. We have seen in the last years a considerable increase in cybercrime and the negative impact that it causes on businesses. The obvious consequences are financial, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Read now!
Cyber-Crisis Becomes an Opportunity for Insurers
The pandemic changed our lives in many ways, some good and some bad. However, one impact has been that that cyber-attacks are more prevalent than ever before. This problem comes with opportunities. Read now to find out more!
Ransomware: The Invisible Enemy of Organizations
The cost of cyberattacks is tremendous and affects every business and government around the world. So how can you become more resilient? Read on to find out.
Layoffs at Technology Firms: An Indicator of a Busting Bubble?
Do Machines Have Consciousness and Feelings?
Some movies envisioned a future where relationships between robots and people are possible, and implanted the idea of machines having consciousness and feelings towards others. We probably looked at these films as impossible scenarios, but what happens when reality overlaps with fiction?