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Cyber Hygiene: Common Problems & Best Practices

To maintain their health and well-being, people are practicing personal hygiene routines on a regular basis. These routines are continuous and never completed. By taking proactive measures, people aim to protect their health against potential diseases and disorders. Analogically, organizations must also define a routine of proactive cybersecurity practices to identify and eliminate critical vulnerabilities and protect sensitive data. Cyber hygiene is a set of regular practices that intend to keep systems, networks, sensitive data, and users secure against cyberattacks, data breaches,...


Ever-Growing Attack Surface

The era we are living in has transformed the Internet and IT from being a convenience for people and organizations into a cyber liability. In an IT infrastructure, almost any system is now an integrated system that has internet connectivity. With assets, devices, resources, hardware, and software, being changed, patched, or updated continuously, it is critical to have an approach that continuously collects and classifies the inventory, discovers the risks, and monitors the organization’s IT infrastructure. Classifying, protecting, and identifying digital assets have always been a...


Fully Homomorphic Encryption at a Glance

Widespread use of cloud services, the rising number of integrated solutions and the collaboration between organizations increase the concerns over data privacy and security. Today, we know that many data protection regulations (e.g., FIPS, GDPR, CCPA) require data to be encrypted while it is at rest and in motion. Even though we are not yet able to encrypt the data in all its states, fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) performs encryption while the data is in use state and might become one of the holy grails of encryption methods available. While it is one of the technologies available in...

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