David Doret: IAM Performance Measurement

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IAM Performance Measurement In late 2018, a group of seasoned IAM professionals spent an evening discussing IAM challenges in a café. They shared a common frustration: the absence of a standardized Performance Measurement System (PMS) to monitor and compare the performance of IAM programs in organizations. Yet, as the old saying goes, you only get what you measure. They organized a series of workshops throughout 2019, worked hard and here it is: the foundations of a standardized IAM PMS have now been layed out. This not-for-profit project driven by passionate IAM experts is open sourced to facilitate widespread usage within and foster contributions from the community. In this talk, David Doret will share with you the release of the beta version of the IAM Open Measure framework and invite IAM professionals from the audience to join and participate in this venture.

Language: English • Duration: 23:27 • Resolution: 1280x720

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