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Cyber Resilience II

Cyber Resilience II

Thursday, November 16, 2023 14:30—15:30
Location: Sirius

Zero Trust in a World of Everything, Everyone, Everywhere, All at Once

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In a world where everything and everyone is interconnected, traditional cybersecurity is outdated.

Zero Trust, a security framework that assumes nothing can be trusted implicitly, is the future.This presentation, "Zero Trust in a World of Everything, Everyone, Everywhere, All at Once," explores the fundamentals of Zero Trust and its relevance to our hyperconnected world.

Francisco Gaspar
Lead CyberSecurity Architect
Francisco Gaspar is an engineer by training, CyberSecurity architect by trade and a "team player" by nature. With a genuine passion for raising awareness, he is an influential leader and...
A taste of AI & Phishing 2.0, a data rodeo

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This session provides palpable illustrations of the latest LLM technologies and hands-on suggestions on how to tackle the challenges arising from automated, emotionally aware, and generative AI prompted with malicious intent.

What will digital deception and trickery look like in the age where today’s youth become the standard bearers of our digital world? Times of e.g. required proof of personhood, predicted behavioural biometrics, and advanced data brokerage.

How are social engineering tools, tactics, and procedures evolving? What can we expect? And how can we prepare?

In this presentation, Emilie van der Lande, certified information privacy professional (CIPP/E) and certified by MIT in Artificial Intelligence’s implications on business and strategy, will explore prevention and detection tips to be a step ahead of the shifting paradigms of Cyber Deceptology.

Emilie van der Lande
Cyber Risk Consultant
Emilie combines expertise in Digital Identity, Data Privacy, and Cyber Strategy, offering a multifaceted perspective at the crossroads of technology, law, and business. Emilie is equipped with a...
Panel: Arresting Disaster: Driving Incident Response in Cyber-Regulated Europe in an Age of AI Threats

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In today’s volatile cyber landscape, threats are increasingly sophisticated (e.g. AI-powered ransomware and data exfiltration techniques), and the regulatory environment is ever-changing. Now more than ever, the responsibility falls on executives to spearhead effective incident response plans. This fireside chat with industry leaders Navroop Mitter, Matthew Welling, and Evan Wolff, unpacks the complexities executives face around incident response in this new cyber-normal. The panel will delve into the intricate interplay between AI-driven threats, end-to-end encrypted communications, and new regulatory landscapes both in the U.S and Europe, particularly in the light of recent legislative developments like the U.K.'s Online Safety Bill.

We will also introduce our groundbreaking joint publication featuring specialized tabletop exercises designed for the C-suite.

Navroop Mitter
Navroop Mitter is the CEO and founder of ArmorText. Before founding ArmorText, Navroop was a senior manager at Accenture’s North American Security Practice, specializing in governance, risk,...
Matthew B. Welling
Partner, Crowell & Moring Privacy and Cybersecurity Group
Crowell & Moring
Matthew B. Welling is a partner in Crowell & Moring's Washington, D.C. office, where he practices in the firm's Privacy and Cybersecurity and Energy groups. Matthew has a deep technical...
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