Session Formats

Unleash Cybersecurity's Interactive Power

Immerse in dynamic formats, from Cyber Bites to Pitch Night. Elevate skills, gain insights, and revolutionize cybersecurity!

Pitch Night
Showcase your innovative ideas in a 2-minute pitch. Compete with fellow cybersecurity enthusiasts and industry experts. The best pitch will be awarded. With 20 thrilling pitches in total, this is your chance to shine and make a lasting impact. Join us for an exciting evening of cybersecurity brilliance!
Capture the Flag
Immerse yourself in realistic cybersecurity scenarios. Test your skills in responding to attacks and handling breaches. Gain hands-on experience, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Uni-to-Uni and Enterprise-to-Enterprise competitions planned. Are you up for the challenge?
Cyber Bites
Enjoy a delicious meal while discussing cybersecurity with like-minded experts. Each table focuses on predefined topics like Digital Twins, Security Operations Management, Supply Chain Security, AI improved Email Security and more. Connect, exchange ideas, and gain valuable insights during this engaging lunchtime gathering. Don't miss out on this unique networking opportunity!
Tackle enterprise-specific cybersecurity challenges head-on. Assess your current security posture and identify areas of weakness. Gain practical solutions to safeguard your systems. Join these hands-on workshops and ensure the safety and integrity of your enterprise's cyber landscape.
Panel Discussions
Engage with experts, gain insights, and exchange ideas on the latest cybersecurity trends. Deepen your understanding in this interactive dialogue with industry professionals. Join now to expand your knowledge!
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