Cyber Resilience

Cyber Resilience

Wednesday, November 15, 2023 11:15—12:15

Cyber Risk Quantification – Challenges from a Risk Perspective

Modelling Cyber Risk is hard. Only a few historical data in known quality exist. Cyber Risks occur with a low frequency but their impact and severity might be high in case they come to pass. In my session I will give an inside how we got started to quantify Cyber Risks and what the challenges are to derive conclusions for risk steering and capital allocation.

Sonja Schimanski
Divisional Head Cyber Risk & NFR
Commerzbank AG
Sonja Schimanski is Divisional Head Cyber Risk & NFR at Commerzbank AG. She is responsible for steering Operational Risks in close connection with the Internal Control System Framework together...
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Re-inventing risk management for artificial intellect

This presentation delves into the imperative task of redefining risk management in the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI). As AI reshapes industries, it also introduces unique risks and challenges. This abstract offers a glimpse into how traditional risk management approaches must evolve to effectively address the intricacies of AI-related uncertainties. Through real-world examples, it explores emerging concerns like algorithmic bias, privacy infringements, and unforeseen consequences. Attendees will gain insights into proactive strategies, including leveraging AI itself for risk assessment and mitigation. By the presentation's conclusion, participants will grasp the essential steps needed to navigate the uncharted territory of AI-driven risks, ensuring responsible and secure integration of this transformative technology.

Konstantin Shvetsov
Head of Information Security
Osome NL B.V
I am an adept information security professional with over 15 years of experience spanning diverse sectors such as financial institutions and international government-level endeavors. My unwavering...
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