Identity Management across Platforms
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Identity Management across Platforms

Combined Session
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 14:30—15:30
Location: EIC CAFÉ

Implementing Identity Management on AWS

Identity on AWS may be well trodden ground, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any more inviting for enterprise practitioners who may not have had occasion to yet dive into the topic when tasked with an implementation.

With so many services like AWS Cognito, AWS IAM, and AWS SSO appearing to offer such similar capabilities for similar use cases, it is easy to get be confused. So how about a quick primer for those wanting to get up to speed? In this talk Jon Lehtinen will give you crash course on the ins and outs of identity on AWS from an enterprise practitioner’s point of view.

Jon Lehtinen
Jon Lehtinen
Jon Lehtinen has 16 years of enterprise identity and access management experience and specializes in both the strategy and execution of Identity & Access Management transformation in...

The Proper Care and Feeding of Non-Human Identities

Non-human identities are crucial for managing access risk with IGA, especially for non-standard accounts that provide the most access risk for organizations.

Non-human identities provide better context for managing non-standard accounts than alternatives, but these identities also present unique life cycle challenges. This presentation makes the case for use of non-human identities and highlights important considerations for maintaining the integrity of such identities.

Brian Iverson
Brian Iverson
Brian Iverson is Chief Product Officer for Tuebora. His exuberance for identity governance and administration can be infectious, which he hopes will inspire members of the audience to drive their...

Identity Management and Governance, in a Cloud Native World

Most enterprise infrastructure and software are in the later stages of cloud transformation. However Identity Management and Governance has lagged behind. First generation monolithic IAM solutions and providers do not provide agility into entitlement and risks in a cloud first world. The complexity of diverse infrastructure, security policies, and development velocity make it virtually impossible to provision, analyze and remediate at scale.

In this session we’ll take a look at:

- Managing identities from the cloud in a hybrid, onprem or SaaS, environment

- The architecture of a container based microservices in a cloud native IAM

- Visibility, and understanding streaming identities and events

- How to think of a no/low code identity management system.

Arun Binaykia
Arun Binaykia
Sath Inc
Education: Masters and Bachelors degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Experience: CTO / CEO of Sath Inc. for 20 years Expertise: Application Development, Directory Server/Data...


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