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Best Practices

Combined Session
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 17:00—18:00
Location: AMMERSEE I

Hybrid cloud enablement: use cases, challenges, best practices

Cloud computing has become commonplace in recent years, it is almost inevitable for small to medium sized companies to leverage cloud services largely if not fully. However, it is not easy to run cloud enablement project in bigger and yet most importantly traditional companies, where there are hundreds of legacy applications, which expect data to be closer to the computing units, and which are dependent on bandwidth and reliable network availability. In this presentation, I am going to address cloud migration requirements, usual challenges, and lessons learnt and best practices from project management, security and service management point of view.

Paraj Sharma
Paraj Sharma
Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions AG
Global Program Manager, responsible for IT Infrastructure services, especially Enterprise hybrid data center and cloud strategy, tailored design and end-to-end service management. Extensive...

It takes a village...

As a byproduct of the current activity across industry, government, and regulatory sectors, digital identity leaders face unprecedented opportunities- and challenges.

Covid has accelerated the global imperative to establish a strong and safe global digital economy that is enabled by a secure, interoperable,  digital identity ecosystem.   One of the most daunting challenges is how, where and when to start. 

The reality is that the target global ecosystem will be years in the making despite the widely held view that better identity is crucial to achieving a trusted digital-first marketplace.  The fact is that the target state is the quintessential “it takes a village” challenge.  It is this speaker’s strongly held view that the leaders who move the market now will be best positioned to substantively shape the government, regulatory and legal frameworks that might otherwise hamper ecosystem growth.

The focus of this session is to speak to the market movers in the audience and provide food-for-thought in devising a strategy to move forward.  The ‘right’ strategy will attract global relying parties, identity service providers and the digitally-enabled consumer audience writ large (‘the village.’)  The global ecosystem will take time to evolve but the time to build the foundation is now.

Donna Beatty
Donna Beatty
Digital Identity
Transformational global product and strategy executive who drives trust in the digital marketplace through better identity, payment verification, and fraud technology strategies. Better identity...


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