Applications of Decentralized Identity
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Managing Self-Sovereign Identities as an Institution with Lissi

Combined Session
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 14:30—15:00

The presentation explains how institutions can establish relationships with clients and manage their data.
It will include a mixture of theoretical background knowledge as well as a practical demonstration of the "Lissi institutional Agent".
The demonstration will include the following steps:
- creation of schemas and credential definitions
- Establishing an encrypted peer-to-peer connection
- Requesting information from the user (self-attested, verified and Zero-knowledge proofs)
- Issuance of credentials
- Management of received costumer data

Adrian Doerk
Adrian Doerk
Main Incubator GmbH
Adrian Doerk is a trained IT-Systems Electrician with strong focus on decentralized architecture.  He's a vivid learner about the Identity space and facilitates communication for the Lissi...


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