Hybrid, Multi - Cloud and IT Infrastructure
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Hybrid, Multi - Cloud and IT Infrastructure

Combined Session
Wednesday, September 15, 2021 12:00—13:00
Location: AMMERSEE I

Addressing Multi-cloud Identity Challenges with a New Standard: IDQL

The trend toward adopting multiple cloud providers means identity is now distributed, rendering traditional, centralized access policies and perimeters obsolete. As a result, the way we think about identity and access management (IAM) has to change. This session will present Identity Query Language (IDQL), a new standard for identity and access policy orchestration across distributed and multi-cloud environments.

Each cloud platform institutes its own IAM controls, which potentially causes inconsistencies in access policies for critical and sensitive resources. IDQL makes it possible for organizations to manage identity and access in a vendor-independent fashion utilizing a declarative policy syntax and associated API layer. Attend this session to learn how IDQL is being developed and the range of use cases it will cover.

Gerry Gebel
Gerry Gebel
Strata Identity, Inc
Gerry is a recognized leader in the identity management space. His accomplished career spans over two decades in which he has been instrumental in providing requirements definition, architecture...

Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM): Advancing from Cloud First to Identity First

Matthias Reinwarth
Matthias Reinwarth
Matthias is Head of Advisory and oversees and leads the KuppingerCole advisory team. Additionally he acts as lead advisor in various customer projects. As head of the IAM practice, Matthias...


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