Best Practices for Zero Trust
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Best Practices for Zero Trust

Combined Session
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 17:30—18:30

How Secure is Your Multi-Factor Authentication?

Well-designed multi-factor authentication technologies, especially when paired with a mobile device or other token, mitigate security risks from single factor username/password authentication while still providing a positive user experience.

Many MFA solutions, especially in the cloud, introduce the need for a third party credential service provider. This design introduces a new security risk as the CSP itself has become a target for man-in-the-middle attacks. This presentation will explore criteria and considerations that organizations can use when operating internal credential management or selection of third party CSPs to minimize risk.

Rebecca Nielsen
Rebecca Nielsen
PKH Enterprises
Ms. Rebecca Nielsen is an Identity and Access Management (IAM) architect with over 25 years of experience including IAM strategy development, program management, and business development. She...

Driving Business Value in the Enterprise with Zero Trust

With the merger of AOL+Yahoo, the newly formed Enterprise Identity team had the challenges of planning to support the cloud-first future of the new company Oath (which would become Verizon Media), building a new Identity ecosystem with Zero-Trust methodologies, and supporting a security-minded culture.

Learn the strategies they used to create and iterate improvements in service delivery, foster security in all interactions. and positively affect how Verizon Media workers engaged with technology solutions in the new company. 

Bryan Meister
Bryan Meister
Bryan Meister has been with Yahoo since 2011 holding multiple roles throughout the CIO organization including Service Desk Analyst, Technical Program Manager, Business Systems Analyst, and...


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