Enabling Zero Trust in Enterprise
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Enabling Zero Trust in Enterprise

Combined Session
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 14:30—15:30

Zero Trust Use Cases

Zero Trust Use Cases: a pragmatic look from well-known use cases to lesser known ones. Focus will be on real world examples and situations proven in practice rather than on formal compliance. Further on we will have some critical thoughts on this topic.


Key Topics:

* What is Zero Trust?

* Some appliances for Zero Trust

              - Well-known use case: Web shop

              - Current use cases: Bring-your-own-device, Bring-your-own-account

              - Further use cases: Micro-segmentation, cloudification

* Some critical thoughts on non-deterministic systems

Eleni Richter
Eleni Richter
Eleni Richter is working as chief architect of the identity and organizational data management at EnBW and as lecturer in IAM at Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. She has been...

Siemens Zero Trust Architecture in 2021 and Beyond

Siemens AG drives the comprehensive Zero Trust program enabling most areas of Cyber Security, Enterprise and Product IT. In the presentation we are going to share our architecture vision as well as the implementation road map. We are going to share some lessons learned, which we gained on the way we passed so far.

Dr. Jan Herrmann
Dr. Jan Herrmann
In his role as Senior Cybersecurity Architect and Key Expert for Authorization Technologies and IAM at Siemens, Jan is focusing on IAM research, IAM knowhow dissemination, IAM strategy definition...
In his role of Head of Technology and Innovation in the Siemens IT Strategy, this speaker is responsible for development of disruptive IT services and digitalization enablement. He leads...


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