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  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Tuesday, September 14, 2021 TIME: 12:00-13:00 LOCATION: EIC CAFÉ


Zero Trust is not a new concept, but it has risen in mindshare with the migration to cloud, adoption of DevOps, and more recent shift to increased remote workforce.  And while most of the focus has been on the disappearing perimeter, the Zero Trust principals have been driving customers to implement Privileged Access Management (PAM) technologies for years.    

PAM Technologies have been traditionally delivered in two flavors: network or proxy based (the credential vault) or host or agent based (fine-grained access control). The privileged credential vault is the most common feature that organizations implement as it is the easiest and quickest; however, most larger organizations are discovering that in order to adopt Zero Trust, their vaults cannot provide the features and capabilities they need.

Earlier this year, Symantec introduced One PAM to the market.  One PAM is comprehensive, integrating network-based and agent-based architectures into one solution that can be managed from a single user interface.  If you are outgrowing your existing PAM technology, why not come by and learn about One PAM.        


Peter Dulay has over 25 years of information technology experience with 20+ years in Cyber Security. He has been advising customers worldwide including Fortune 500 companies in the area of Identity and Access Management in both on-premises and cloud environments. Peter holds Certified...

Organisations perceive their users through data. In the world of fewer and fewer opportunities for physical contact, identity verification is going all remote. All online service providers need to model the risks related to user impersonation and user manipulation attacks.
In this talk, we will dig through the classical methods of Knowing Your User through the static data:
Coupling the session with the device
Checking the network environment
Next, I will present manipulation methods related to data spoofing to express the business impact. Usual scenarios are primarily associated with rewards in the form of money for the attackers.
Time-series data analysis and the impact on the business and customer experience will be presented to show the way forward in the adaptive risk management context.
Finally, food for thought related to the standardisation of behavioural biometrics that is getting more and more attention as one of the defence methods will be shared to show that we need Zero Trust and a way to verify if and how the vendor products are working.

Static data can be easily spoofed. Dynamic data analysis (mainly in a time series manner) is the way to go.
Data resilience related to side-channel time series data analysis.
Zero Trust is also about not trusting your data sources and all the environment related to it.
Behavioural biometrics strives for standardisation.


I am following the data as a VP of Innovation in Revelock (formerly buguroo). Behavioural biometrics, ethical data processing and continuous authentication is my current focus. I am a Security geek with a strong belief that changing the World to make it better is possible. I have...


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