Verify Your Customer, Authenticate Your Customer
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Verify Your Customer, Authenticate Your Customer

Combined Session
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 12:00—13:00
Location: AMMERSEE I

The Next Frontier: Why Decentralised Identity is only Base Camp

Over the past decade significant advancements have been made towards decentralised, self-sovereign and tokenised identity. Now that we can tokenise a unique value what is the new value we can enable?

The emerging post-pandemic world is already calling for a new type of ‘digital’ normal. We are at the beginning of a new design and architectural phase. Personal data linked to identity, fuelled by AI will sit at the centre of everything.

If we get this right, we may enable citizens, students, patients, passengers and consumers to more equitably join the value chains fuelled by data and identity, which in turn could lead to greater trust, personalisation and a more prosperous society.

However, this will require new commercial models, enforceable regulation and the digital tools to transform our connected society. This session will focus on the work ahead to connect services, service providers to our semantic world.

Katryna Dow
Katryna Dow
Katryna Dow is the founder and CEO of Meeco; a personal data platform that enables people to securely exchange data via the API-of-Me with the people and organisations they trust ...

Security and Privacy Challenges of Authentication, Verification and Authorisation of Customers

This session will explore security and privacy challenges for businesses and customers in doing business with each other in a digital world, where there's little desire to standardise approaches and processes on Authentication, Verification and Authorisation.

Sarb Sembhi
Sarb Sembhi
Sarb speaks, writes and contributes to global security events and publications. He was the Workstream Lead for Thought Leadership of UK Cyber Security Council Formation Project and is the Co-Vice...


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