OpenID in the Digital ID Landscape: a Perspective from the Past to the Future

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, May 14, 2019 TIME: 18:40-19:00 LOCATION: AUDITORIUM
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Digital identity has been under a constant evolution for the last 30 years. It started from a simple access control via user account within a system to a shared credential among the systems, then to the federated identity and bring-your-own-identity (BYOI). Modern usages are not only for access control but include such purposes like digital on-boarding (account opening), employee and customer relationship management. Among the many technologies out there, OpenID seems to have gained popularity in the market that you are probably using it without knowing it. This session explains the positioning of OpenID in the digital ID landscape and explores the future potential for both corporations and individuals for the coming years.

key takeaways:

- Adoption of OpenID Connect continues and its FAPI security profile will increase its importance
- Attribute/claims provider models including eKYC and Shift to ABAC happening
- Offline-Online convergence in Authentication starting to use CIBA
- Trusted Personal Data Management Service to ensure ethical data use and consumer safety is coming

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Nat Sakimura - OpenID in the Digital ID Landscape: a Perspective from the Past to the Future

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