Clearing up a Cloudy Standard: Simple Cloud Identity Management

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Thursday, December 15, 2011 TIME: 16:00 CET / 7:00am PT / 10:00am ET / 3:00pm GMT
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"Simple Cloud Identity Management (SCIM) appears to be our best chance for any sort of public provisioning standard, something we desperately need and have needed for years", says Dave Kearns. Join him, Ping Identity CTO Patrick Harding and SailPoint CTO Darran Rolls for this webinar on the newest provisioning specification which both Harding and Rolls have been involved with from the beginning.

Patrick Harding noted "Over the past two years, we have consistently heard from our customers that proprietary APIs make no sense. They ask, ‘why haven’t the cloud vendors implemented a standard?’"

According to Darran Rolls, "It’s imperative that we as IdM vendors work to speed and simplify how enterprises integrate their identity infrastructure with SaaS applications. As evidenced by the early support we've gotten from the major cloud application vendors, industry adoption of SCIM is quickly becoming a reality." Join us in this webinar to find out:

  • why SCIM is more likely to become industry supported than SPML (Service Provisioning Markup Language),
  • what are its shortcomings,
  • what a version 2.0 should support, and
  • how to put it into practice both for the cloud and for the datacenter.


Patrick Harding is the Chief Technology Officer of Ping Identity, responsible for Ping Identity Labs, emerging technologies, architecture and standards, and developing the technology strategy for the company. Previously, Harding was a VP and the Security Architect (Enterprise Architect Division)...

Dave spent 10 years as a network manager, ending up as Information Services Manager for the former Thomas-Conrad Corporation (now part of Compaq ). In 1987, he was a founding SysOp of Novell's Novell Support Connection service on Compuserve and served as the first president of the Association...

Mr. Darran Rolls is the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer and at SailPoint, where he is responsible for directing the company’s technology strategy and security operations.  Mr. Rolls has a long history in identity management and security at companies...

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