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Trent McConaghy

Trent McConaghy

Ocean Protocol
I started my career by doing AI research for national defense in the 1990s, while still an undergraduate [paper 1][paper 2].

Then, in my first startup (ADA), we explored the relation between human creativity and AI-based machine creativity. We started work on ADA in 1998; Synopsys acquired ADA in 2004.

I extended that work during my PhD from 2004-2008, and found a way to reconcile machine creativity with existing engineering knowledge. Here's the book.

In my second startup (Solido), we leveraged AI to help drive Moore's Law, which was under threat due to high manufacturing variations. Here's the book. Now, Solido software is used for most modern chip designs. We started work on Solido in 2004; by 2010 we were profitable; Siemens acquired Solido in 2017.

My third and current startup has been about blockchain applied to art, data, and AI. We hatched the ascribe NFT platform in 2013, BigchainDB blockchain database in 2015, and Ocean Protocol in 2017.

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