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Women in Identity

Women in Identity

An open forum for women in identity to bounce ideas off each other, collaborate, and gain support. It is our hope that this page will be the beginning steps to provide mentorship, bounce ideas off each other, and push each other to gain the confidence to speak at conferences. The idea is be more visible in the identity community with a whole community of women backing you.

Our Vision
Women in Identity exists to foster new relationships and mentorship between women in our technical field and beyond. We will work towards a world where women already in identity are increasingly visible parts of the community and where women not yet in Identity can join easily and find support and growth. This community will work together to foster the skills, connections, inspiration and community needed to enter this field and to be recognized as a top contributor.

Our Mission
To enable growth for women working in the Identity space. Our community will foster new relationships, create a place for collaboration, and inspire individual advancement with an army of other women supporting you.

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Women in Identity
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