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Why You Should Attend the European Identity and Cloud Conference?

For those who envision, strategize, and enact the future

Is EIC 2024 for Me?
EIC 2024 is your platform. Here, you'll connect with peers, gain unmatched insights, and shape strategies that will define the future of an AI-driven world intertwined with digital identity. If you're among those who lead, innovate, and transform, EIC 2024 is where you need to be.
C-Level Executives spearheading digital transformations and looking to harness the power of AI within their organization can...
  • Leverage the conference to access cutting-edge strategies and insights that can drive your organization's success in the evolving digital landscape.
  • Connect with fellow C-level executives, fostering valuable relationships and potential collaborations.
Cybersecurity Professionals aiming to stay ahead of emerging threats and learn from global best practices can...
Digital Identity Architects or Strategists keen to shape the next wave of digital ID paradigms will be able to...
Innovation Managers eager to grasp the breakthroughs on the horizon and integrate them into business strategies can...
Data Scientists or AI Specialists looking to comprehend the broader applications and implications of AI will be able to...
Policy Makers or Regulators striving to understand and shape the legal and ethical terrain of a rapidly changing digital world can...
Industry Analysts, Thought Leaders, or Consultants wanting to gain a pulse on the latest trends and challenges will be able to...
Entrepreneurs or Start-up Founders in the tech realm, aiming to align their innovations with the industry's future trajectory will...
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SachsenEnergie AG Informationstechnologie
Helvetia Versicherungen IT Competence Hub
If P&C Insurance
OSSBIG Austria
Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration
Boehringer Ingelheim
European Central Bank
State Street Corporation
Wacker Chemie
Finanz Informatik
Continentale Krankenversicherung
Frankfurter Volksbank
Munich Re
Red Bull
Estonian IT Centre
Daiichi Sankyo EU
Deutsche Telekom Security
What are my key takeaways?
Tech Innovation Showcase
Gain insights with EIC's unveiling of the latest tech innovations, providing firsthand exposure to trends shaping the future of identity and cloud management. Align strategies with dynamic tech landscapes through valuable insights into emerging trends.
Strategic Networking Hub
Foster connections with industry leaders, influencers, and collaborators at EIC, extending valuable relationships beyond the event. Engage in discussions and shared experiences for collaboration opportunities that enhance professional networks.
Hands-On Workshops for Skill Enhancement
Participate in practical learning experiences through EIC's workshops, acquiring skills applicable in various professional roles. Elevate professional expertise, staying at the forefront of fields like cybersecurity and digital identity strategy.
Regulatory Insights and Compliance Mastery
Stay informed about the latest regulations as a policymaker, adapting to evolving compliance requirements with insights gained at EIC. Navigate complex regulatory landscapes in identity, cloud, and cybersecurity through EIC's equipping sessions.
Startup Ecosystem Interaction
Explore a dynamic startup ecosystem at EIC, gaining inspiration and engaging with founders of innovative solutions. Actively participate in EIC as a hub for investors and startups, fostering funding, mentorship, and partnerships.
Resilience Strategies for Businesses
Emphasize strategic management for business resilience at EIC, covering digital identity, authentication, and access control. Leave EIC with empowered decision-making abilities, ensuring resilience against cyber threats and tech advancements.
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