CIAM: Balancing security and user experience to get value from customer data
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CIAM: Balancing security and user experience to get value from customer data

Warwick Ashford
Published on Feb 13, 2023

Business is increasing going online in the digital and post-pandemic era, and as a result, the collection, protection, and management of consumer and customer information has become extremely important.

But keeping sensitive data like personally identifiable information private, safe, and secure, while at the same time ensuring it is accessible to the business and providing a frictionless user experience, can be challenging.

Essential to meeting these important business challenges, is an understanding of the Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM) technologies and processes that have emerged to support businesses as they seek greater efficiencies and capabilities in dealing with customer information.

CIAM indispensable for compliance, marketing, and better user experience

Effective CIAM is essential to enabling organizations to deliver innovative services, engage with consumers, and build brand loyalty, all within the constraints of a growing number of cybersecurity, privacy, and data protection regulations.

CIAM is becoming indispensable for a growing number of industries including media, finance, healthcare, and the public sector, where there is a growing use of CIAM for government-to-citizen identity management scenarios.

Customer Identity & Access Management highlights in the EIC agenda 

Organizations looking to master or deepen their CIAM capabilities should attend the EIC track dedicated to this topic. The track is designed to provide useful and practical information about Customer Identity & Access Management, including insights from real-world CIAM implementations.

Find out more about the importance of balancing privacy and security with usability to ensure a positive customer experience in this presentation entitled: Trust Inspiring CIAM – Essentials for a Secure, Experience Driven Digital Business, which will also look at the current state of CIAM and future developments that should be taken into consideration.

Get insights on how to strategize your CIAM journey and find out how using modern, flexible, and scalable CIAM platforms can enable your organization to combine good customer experiences with strong security in this session entitled: Customer-Driven, Digital-First, Trust & Value-Based - The Future of CIAM.

If you still have any doubts about the value of CIAM, or if you are unsure about the risks of delegating CIAM to a vendor solution, attend this session entitled: CIAM-as-a-Service for 50 Million Customers at OLX Group Europe. You will gain insights into what it would take to replace your legacy systems, including the value proposition, the costs, return on investment, and customer experience.   

Gain additional practical advice on rolling out a CIAM program to improve management, customer experience, and regulatory compliance in this presentation on: Lessons Learnt Rolling out a B2B CIAM Program.

For additional perspectives on balancing security with user experience, attend this session entitled: Zero Trust Applied for Access Management - How to Control and Monitor the User Access, which adds the dimension of monitoring for a Zero Trust approach to security, and this panel discussion entitled: Covering Your Customer Identity Needs - The Way Forward, which will examine the role of decentralized technologies, biometrics, and AI in Digital ID.


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