Fulup Ar Foll
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Fulup Ar Foll

Founder and Lead Architect

Fulup Ar Foll holds a Master in Computer Science from the Military French School ESAT. His career started with ten years of research on embedded operating systems. He then joined the Industry; taking on the technical direction of Wind-River in Europe before moving to Sun-Microsystems where he worked at scaling the Internet for the Telecom industries. Fulup was present in the early days of “Identity Federation” within the technical comity of Liberty-Alliance. He later worked with OASIS/SAML2, Kantara Initiative and OpenID. Fulup is currently the founder and lead architect of IoT.bzh, his company in the south of Brittany and the 1st technical contributor to AGL for 4 years now.

Fulup Ar Foll
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May 13, 2022
11:50 - 12:10
OT Patch Management Best Practices
Combined Session


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