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David Snead Attorney

W. David Snead, PC

Mr. Snead is an attorney in private practice in Washington D.C. His practice focuses exclusively on representing companies and other entities active in the internet infrastructure. In his 17 years in this area, Mr. Snead has represented these companies both in-house and as outside counsel. He has clients in the U.S., Europe, India and the former Soviet Union. They include multinationals, middle tier hosting companies, and two guys, a server, a T-1 and a huge MasterCard balance. He has broken down complex legal issues for internet professionals at over 100 conferences. His views on the impact of Federal legislation on small-to-medium internet businesses have been quoted in the Washington Post and San Jose Mercury News. He is also a columnist and blogger for the Web Host Industry Review. His transnational Internet experience has been recognized as the sole U.S. legal representative to the European Union’s Network & Information Security Agency’s Group on Cloud Computing Security. Mr. Snead received his J.D. in 1991 from Georgetown University Law Center, his B.A. in 1987 in International Affairs from Trinity University. He is a member of the bars of the District of Columbia and State of New Mexico.


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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013

May 15, 2013
Combined Session
Auditing your Multinational Cloud Transaction
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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2013

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Mr. Levent Kara
+49 211 23707710
  • May 14 - 17, 2013 Munich/Germany

Key Topics

  • The Future of Cloud Identity

  • API Economy: Identity and The Inside-Out Enterprise

  • Beyond BYOD, IT Consumerization & Mobile Enterprise

  • How to deal with big data in a secure and compliant way

  • Service-Focused IT in the Age of Cloud Computing

  • Personal Data & Life Management Platforms

  • (Mobile) Privacy, Data Protection

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